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Once upon a time there was a woman grown up in Puglia. She felt in love with a man grown up in Marche. The woman is familiar the hills around Fermo and she falls in in love with them.
She becomes mom of two children and she educates them with love and passion. She supports their inclinations. One day she thinks that housing people in a guests custom-made house, can be useful to discover Marche's beauties of the villages and the colorful landscapes.

It is not only an accommodation facility: it's a meeting and a creativity place, where you can think, enjoy or get angry. It is the 2002. She restructures a wing of the old farmhouse where her parents in law live, keeping unchanged the original structure: timber work, terra-cotta tiles floor, exposed brickworks...
The inner spaces organization is rethinked and the rooms are named with contemporary painters from Marche: so the kitchen becames the lobby, the loft now is the Athos Sanchini Room and the Sandro Pazzi Room. The former bedroom has been enlarged and now it is the Sandro Trotti Room. The stables became a fresh place where to spend time during the hottest summers.
The woman, teacher, mum and wife, after she had faced a serious disease, is forced too early to leave her family. She arise on a Star, la stelLina, and from that place she keep on follow the works and to look after her loved ones. Luigi, her son, and me inaugurate "La Casa dei Nonni" on June, 11th, 2006; the day of his mother's birthday.
In 2007a baby is born, our baby, who spends in that spaces his hot summers and putting the hands into the grandparents and great grandparents ground, being proud of his bicycle, meeting others children, tasting home-backed cakes, watching luggages go and come, handshakes and smiles, many smiles.
In 2012 a baby, a female baby, is born in a cool afternoon of a warm summer. She chooses to come to light there, in "Casa dei Nonni" because she wants bring always with her the experience go a birth without unnecessary actions, in place suspended in time and green, while outside the sunset is colored by the sun with "pink orange" nuances.
In April, 30th, 2013 a giant falling star, with a very bright tail says hello from up there.
A smile in the sky.

Is it possible to shorten the space between the Heart and that Smile?
You lay down in the dark, and gaze up.
You have on you countless of lights, and you would to hang on them to raise up.
In your tracks you became lighter,like when you sing in a concert with your favorite singer.
You would like to spend the night swimming in the sky and then you would like to be the spectator of a dawn.
At that point you can say hello to the sun, move the awning closing it and starting to dream while the rest of the world wake up.
At "La Casa dei Nonni" Bed and Breakfast you can.